Moving to a new home is a big deal for adults, but it’s an even bigger deal for children. The experience can bring both excitement and anxiety, especially for young ones who may not fully understand why the move is happening. In Tulsa, OK, where housing options vary from suburban to urban, preparing your kids for a move can be a transformative experience for the whole family.

Discussing the Move

  1. Early Communication: As soon as you decide to move, talk to your kids about what to expect. The sooner you communicate, the easier it is for them to adapt.
  2. Be Honest but Positive: Explain the reasons for the move while focusing on the positives such as a bigger yard or proximity to family and friends.

Involving Kids in the Moving Process

  1. House Hunting: If possible, involve them in the house hunting process. Let them share their opinions on potential homes.
  2. Packing: Allow them to pack their own room or at least some of their favorite belongings.
  3. Goodbye Ritual: Help them say goodbye to the old house, perhaps by taking photos or writing a farewell letter.

Preparing for a New Environment

  1. School Transition: Visit their new school and meet teachers beforehand to make the first day less intimidating.
  2. Neighborhood Exploration: Explore your new area together as a family, pinpointing interesting places like parks and local stores.

Emotional Support and Reassurance

  1. Address Fears: Let your child openly discuss any fears or concerns and provide reassurance.
  2. Stay Consistent: Keep as many routines consistent as possible to help them adjust.
  3. Be Available: During the first few weeks, try to be more available to help them acclimate to their new environment.

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